Effective email marketing tips

Here are some curated tips to help you create, send, and manage powerful email marketing campaigns.

  • Importance of mobile CTAs

  • A perfect start for your welcome series

  • Sending emails in batches

  • Know your recipients' 'prime open time.'

  • Liven up your campaigns using polls

  • vCards to improve email deliverability

  • The best frequency for emails

  • Deliver rewarding emails to your subscribers

  • Permission-based efficient emails

  • Organize campaigns with a marketing calendar

  • Keep the "from address" familiar 

  • The importance of design in your emails

  • Smart signup forms to comply with the laws

  • Build sender reputation with List Description

  • Subscription preferences for more engagement.

  • Don't fret over "unsubscribes"

  • Folders, analytics, and everything favorite.

  • A/B testing for your email campaigns

  • Maintaining transparency with subscribers

  • ‘Roles and Privileges’ for a flexible email marketing

  • Let subscribers know about your company's terms

  • Why should you optimize your emails?

  • Delivering personalized emails this holiday season

  • Ways to improve your holiday sales

  • Templates to go with during the holiday season

  • Overcome the post-holiday slump

  • The best ways to engage your customers

  • Reducing spam rates

  • Improving email open rates

  • Reducing unsubscribe rates

  • Webinar email marketing

  • Anatomy of a perfect webinar campaign

  • Make drip email campaigns more effective

  • Maintain your email list

  • Email marketing etiquettes

  • What makes open rates unique?

  • Know the smarter side of your email marketing software

  • How to stay away from blacklists?

  • Using emojis in your emails

  • Know the smarter side of your email marketing software (Part II)

  • The basics: Email list segmentation

  • How to expand your email list?

  • How to approach holiday season in email marketing?

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