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1.00 Setup Your Organization

Setup Your Organization

Learn how to set your organization profile and add trainers to your account. Enjoy the complete features of ShowTime in our free 15-day trial.

0.43 Create A Session

Create a session

Learn how to create a session and customize its details. Choose the best trainer for your session and create polls etc. to be used in your session.

0:54 Manage Your Participants

Manage your participants

Manage registrations and invite attendees for your session. Customize registration form and allow/deny individual participants.

0.52 Promote your session

Promote your session

Learn how to promote your session on your site/blog. Add your session to the organization profile page to increase audience reach.

1:24 Participate in a ShowTime session

Participate in a ShowTime session

Learn how to register for a session and use features like Questions, Polls, Chats etc. to engage effectively with the trainer.

1:39 viewerapp

Participate in a ShowTime session using the Viewer app

Learn how to register for a session through the ShowTime viewer app and use features like Questions, Polls, Chats etc.

1:21 Engage your learners in a ShowTime session

Engage your learners in a ShowTime session

Learn how to engage your learners using the Openhouse feature, polls, chats and by answering their questions live.

1:53 Analytics in Zoho ShowTime

Analytics in Zoho ShowTime

Learn how you can view individual session analytics and get detailed feedback about your training sessions in Zoho ShowTime

2:02 co-trainers-in-showtime

Co-trainers in Zoho ShowTime

Learn how to add and manage multiple co-trainers to your training sessions and deliver a rich learning experience.

1:43 title-slide

Zoho ShowTime Integration with Zoho CRM

ShowTime is integrated with Zoho CRM to help you intelligently manage your contacts and close deals faster.

1.17 thumbnail

Record and share trainings on Zoho ShowTime.

Record your training sessions quickly and share them with your attendees and other prospective learners externally.

2.34 paid-trainings

Conduct paid trainings in Zoho ShowTime

Monetize all your virtual classroom sessions by adding tickets to your sessions.

1.51 whiteboard

The Whiteboard feature in Zoho ShowTime

Write smoothly, insert shapes, draw with pen and illustrate concepts with ShowTime's Whiteboard feature.

2:24 evaluation

Customize your feedback and evaluation forms

Evaluate your participants and assess your trainings with MCQs (multiple choice questions), text-boxes, and ratings scale.

1:35 recurring-thumbnail

Set up recurring sessions in Zoho ShowTime.

Zoho ShowTime now allows you to set up recurring sessions for your learners that can occur at regular intervals.

3:47 youtube-thumbnail

Create a flexible learning culture with On Demand training.

Hos self-paced training sessions with access to easily-digestible and effective content anytime.

1:54 custom-crm

How to invite people from your custom CRM modules to a ShowTime session

To get the right prospects and build a stronger customer base for your sessions, learn how to invite people from custom CRM modules.

1:04 org-dashboard

Spotlight on Zoho ShowTime's Organization Dashboard

Watch how ShowTIme gives detailed analytics on the overall performance of your training organization.

1.17 blog

How to use Screenshare in a live training session.

In Zoho ShowTime, screen sharing is the easiest way for a presenter or tutor to project a topic to an entire class in real-time.

2:02 guestinvite

Invite guest trainers to your Zoho ShowTime session

With ShowTime's Guest Trainer feature you can broaden your course's range and invite external experts as speakers to a live training session.