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Zoho Expense Welcome Guide

Navigating Zoho Expense

Move through Zoho Expense and get the hang of it in no time! Just a few simple steps.

Upload a receipt

Learn how to upload a receipt in Zoho Expense.

  1. Click on the Receipts section on the LHS.

  2. You can drag receipts and drop them on the screen.

  3. You can also browse from your computer to upload receipts.

  4. Your receipts are auto scanned to create expenses.

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You can upload multiple receipts at the same time(upto 20).

How to manually add an expense

Here's how you manually capture an expense.

  1. Click on the + icon right next to Expenses.

  2. Enter the expense details in the New Expense page.

    • Date

    • Category

    • Amount

  3. Enter other details like Merchant name and Description.

  4. Add a receipt if needed.

  5. Add the expense directly to an expense report.

  6. Click Save or cancel.

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Adding a Credit Card

Learn how to quickly add your credit card and import card transactions in Zoho Expense.

  1. Click on Cards on the LHS.

  2. Click on +Add Personal Card.

  3. Choose your credit card from the options listed or enter it manually.

  4. Enter your credentials and click on Submit.

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Creating a new expense report

Learn how to create an expense report and add expenses to it.

  1. Click on the + icon right next to Reports.

  2. Enter details in the New Report page.

    • Report title

    • Duration

  3. Enter other details like Business purpose and Submit to.

  4. Include expenses that have been already created.

  5. Create a new expense in the same page.

  6. Click Save and Submit to save and instantly submit the report to your approver.

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Set up your preferences for Expenses

Set up basic preferences and company policies for expenses.

  1. Click on Settings' on the LHS.

  2. Select Expenses from under the Preferences section.

  3. Set up the currencies for recording expenses.

  4. Add custom fields to the expense creation page.

  5. Set up Notifications for expenses.

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How to approve a report

Learn how to approve/reject and reimburse expense reports.

  1. Click on My Approvals on the LHS.

  2. Select an expense report to approve or reject.

  3. You can either approve or reject the report.

  4. You can also Forward the report to another approver without approving or rejecting it.

  5. Post a comment on the expense report if needed.

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Once a report has been approved, it can be reimbursed.

Connect and collaborate

Connect with your staff and colleagues.

  1. Click on Users on the LHS.

  2. Invite User button allows you to add more people to your Zoho Expense account.

  3. Enter the User's name, email address and select a user role.

  4. Click on Invite button.

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Expense Analytics

Generate reports on expenses to have better visibility into your expenditures.

  1. Select Analytics from the LHS.

  2. Select a particular report from the left pane.

  3. Customize the report to suit your requirement.

  4. Print or export the report as PDF.

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Puma has been using Zoho Expense in Oceania for over 3 years and our users have found the web interface and the phone apps to be feature rich and always improving.The look and feel is modern and pleasing to the eye. Puma has recently expanded the usage of Zoho Expense to multiple new regions around the globe, and throughout, the Zoho team has been extremely supportive to the unique requirements of each region and helped to make the onboarding experience painless.

Mark Hawkins

Director, Operations PUMA SEA

We started using Zoho Expense across our whole IFFCO group for Travel and Expense Management as one of the key aspects to keep control on spends. It was a challenge to manage employee spend and expense reporting across our multiple office locations with disparate solutions. We found Zoho Expense as a very powerful and flexible tool which allows us to accommodate many different expense policies and compliances in respect to many different countries' regulations.

Jaroslaw Pietraszko

Director ERP & Digital Transformation, IFFCO Group

The Zoho Expense team has provided us with the best features—especially the receipt auto-scan, which eases our expense reporting journey with its mobile functionality. Our employees use Zoho Expense and its features extensively, particularly the mobile app. Above all, with the Zoho Analytics integration, we always get the insights we need with multiple dashboards to analyze our business spend. We’re one of those happy customers who are looking forward to seeing many new features and integrations within the application.

Amit Rai

CHRO, Tata Play Fiber

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