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Siddharth Dhamija

Chief Growth Officer

How Razorpay simplified their expense reporting with Zoho Expense

Before they started Razorpay, founders Harshil and Shashank realized how ridiculously slow it was to make an online payment in India. This set them off to make an online payment gateway that could cater to the needs of both merchants and their customers. From its inception in 2014, Razorpay has strived to become a payment gateway that offers cross platform payment modes. It is now one of the few payment gateways that provides a seamless checkout for customers with exhaustive modes of payments that include over 50 banks, major credit and debit cards and popular wallets in its offering.

When Siddharth Dhamija, Chief Growth Officer at Razorpay observed that his colleagues tracked their expenses manually, he immediately suggested the use of an expense reporting tool to get rid of this monotonous task, that if continued, could hamper the productivity of its employees.

Having done most of their expense reporting on paper and on Splitwise, Razorpay now wanted a robust system that could handle end-to-end expense reporting and would ultimately increase the productivity of its employees.

Zoho Expense through word of mouth

In the pursuit of a good expense reporting software, industry peers recommended Zoho Expense to Razorpay.

"We keep in touch with other start-ups in India and a few of them had recommended Zoho Expense for our requirements," said Siddharth. "We googled it, sat through a demo, and found it suitable for Razorpay."

Expense reporting simplified

With Zoho Expense, Razorpay has streamlined the way company expenses are recorded and submitted, saving employee hours for core tasks.

"Expense reporting has been so easy after we started using Zoho Expense. We have completely stopped using paper for doing expenses except for the receipts being stored. The efficiency of expense reporting and reimbursement has improved multifold," said Siddharth.

Apart from reducing the time and effort required to report expenses, using Zoho Expense has made life easier for Razorpay's finance team, as they regularly download expense reports as spreadsheet files to account for the same.

"Since the expenses are sorted out by category, it is easy to verify the reports and the total amount in each report," Siddharth said. "It saves a lot of precious time for the finance team. Also, the mobile apps are really good allowing our users to do their reports even when they are traveling."

Through Zoho Expense, Razorpay has now automated its expense reporting process, resulting into higher employee productivity.

Check out Zoho Expense here and see how much more you can do when Zoho takes care of expense reporting for you.

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