An estimate is a quote or a proposal for the products you sell or the services you render to your clients to take your business forward.

Status of Estimates

Status Description
Draft Estimate when created will be in the Draft status before it is sent.
Sent Estimate once sent, will be changed to the Sent status.
Accepted Estimate once accepted by the contact or marked as accepted by you, will change to the Accepted status.
Declined Estimate once declined by the contact or marked as declined by you, will change to the Declined status.
Invoiced Estimate once converted as an invoice will change to the Invoiced status.
Client Viewed Once the estimate is viewed by the client in the client portal, preview icon is seen next to the invoice.

Enabling Estimate

Click on the Gear icon and navigate to More Settings > Preferences and select the General tab, Choose Estimates under the Select the modules you would like to enable section and click on Save.

Enabling new Estimate

Creating a New Estimate

Creating new Estimate

*You will be navigated to a new window for entering the details for the new estimate to be created.

Enter the details for the customer related fields.

Creating new Estimate

Adding Customer to Estimate

Esitmate number in Estimate

pricelist in Estimate

Enter the item details for the estimate. Creating new Estimate

Items in Estimate

Changing Estimate template

Creating an Estimate from Contacts

Changing Estimate template

Sending an Estimate

Accepting an Estimate

After your client has viewed your estimate, they agree on your quote and accept the estimate to convert it to an invoice.

Accepting through Client Portal

The estimate can be accepted by your client on the client portal. Learn more about Client Portal.

Marking your Estimate as Accepted

The estimate can also be marked as accepted or declined by you on instruction from your client.

Marking an Estimate as Sent

Marking an Estimate as Accepted

If you have sent the estimate and the customer has agreed to the deal, you can manually mark it as accepted from the More drop down.

Once the estimate is accepted, you can convert the estimate into an invoice by clicking on the Convert to Invoice option.

Accepting an Estimate

P.S: You can configure the settings on the action to happen after the estimate is accepted. Navigate to the Settings > More Settings > Preferences and select the Estimate tab and choose one of the options provided under Automatically convert accepted Estimate to Invoice section.

Converting an Estimate to Invoice

The estimate can also be marked as declined from the More drop down on denial of your quote from the customer.

Converting an Estimate to Invoice

You can also manually Convert an estimate into an invoice.

Converting an Estimate to Invoice

Converting an Estimate to Invoice

Creating Projects from estimates

You can create Projects from Estimates.

Create projects from Estimates

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