Zoho Mail New Features

Auto-upload attachments via Filters

Filters can be configured to upload the attachments that match the conditions to certain file storage services like Dropbox, Box, Zoho Docs, etc.

Email status indicator

Icons in the email listing to indicate if the email has been read, replied to or forwarded.

Video/ Audio call via Cliq

Calls can be made via Cliq from the contact card right from within your Mailbox.

Fresher look for Streams

Streams became accessible from the left pane and managing groups was made easier with Group management page.

Emails as EML attachments

Emails can be attached as EML files simply by dragging and dropping them in the Compose editor.

Rich text in Notes

With Rich text editor made available in Notes, you can format the content of your notes.

Font color

Along with the font family and font size, you can now choose the default font color for all the emails you send.

Drag and drop attachments

Simply drag and drop attachments from within the email interface , from one mail to another or even directly from the attachment viewer.

Notes/ Tasks in Contact card

View the list of tasks/ notes created by the particular contact, from the contact card.

Zoho Mail 2018

The UI update came with a number of changes such as tabs being moved to the top, revamp to a fresher look, enhanced setting etc. The new interface was designed to make emailing experience easier and more intuitive for the users.

Vintage theme

Classic mail made a comeback with the introduction of the Vintage theme.

Horizontal pane

Emails preview can be opened in horizontal pane to save space.

Adjustable panes

The width of the email listing and preview panes can be adjusting by dragging the edges.

Outgoing filters

Filters are no longer limited to incoming email. Outgoing email can be organized by using filters.

Default composer

Clicking on any Mailto links will automatically launch the Zoho Mail composer in the browser configured with the Default composer.

Language based filtering

Emails received in specific languages can be marked as Spam based on your preference.

Advanced filters

Make the best use of filters by combining the usage of both AND and OR logical conditions in the a single filter.

Custom email listing

Email listing can be customized to include the information that is relevant and hiding the ones that aren't.

Selected email sharing

Share specific email from an email thread without having to share the entire thread.

Custom fonts

System fonts can be added to the existing Compose fonts list.

Sort by size

Sort email listing in a particular folder depending on the size of the emails.

Email Recall

Recall the emails that have been sent by mistake with just a click.

Contact Suggestion

On entering any two recipients while composing an email, the recipients frequently emailed alongside them are suggested.

Timezone in Scheduled email

Select the preferred timezone while scheduling emails to your contacts.

Archive post

Archive Streams posts by selecting the Archive option in the relevant post.

Encryption level indicator

The encryption level of the emails you receive is displayed in the header of the email.

Rich text in streams

You can add formatting to your Streams posts by using the Rich text editor options.

Quick access enhancement

Certain settings like Theme, Mail view etc directly using Quick Access without having to navigate to the settings page.


Extension widget lets you access multiple internal and external applications right from your Mailbox. eWidget also provides you with options to view and access information and perform actions in various apps.