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Email Templates

When you set up a workflow, various actions are triggered based on the satisfied conditions and email alerts is one among them. You can set up email alerts only after you create email templates based on your workflow. In this page, you’ll learn how you can create, edit and delete email templates.

Creating an Email Template

The email templates that you create here can be used to create email alerts for your workflow. To create an email template: 

Creating an Email Template Creating an Email Template Creating an Email Template

Editing an Email Template

You can edit the email templates by adding new placeholders or by modifying the content as per your business needs. To edit an email template:

Note: We have provided a default email template to invite users. You can also edit it and change the content as per your business needs.

Deleting an Email Template

If the email template that you have created is not useful anymore, you can delete it. To delete an email template:

Note: However, you will not be able to delete an email template that is already associated with an email alert.

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