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Approvals is an important section accessible only to users with approval privileges i.e Approvers and Admin. Approvers can approve, reject, or forward the reports submitted to them.

Admins can perform all the actions of an approver, along with the permissions to reimburse and archive expense reports. They can access all the reports submitted directly to them from the Reports Approval module. Also, they can approve reports submitted across the organization from the All Approvals section under the Reports Approval module.

Given below are the list of topics that are discussed in the page.


Approving submitted expense reports

The Approver receives a notification when an expense report is submitted to them. You can view these reports under the Reports Approval module. To approve an expense report:

Expense reports with policy violations are flagged with an exclamation mark. Approvers can approve these reports, make comments on them or reject them entirely and ask the submitter to fix the violations and re-submit it.

Approve Reports

Note: A notification email will be sent to the submitter following an approval.

Approving expense reports in Bulk

Perform the following steps to learn how to approve expenses in bulk:

Bulk Approve Reports

Out of Office Approver

Besides adding delegates, you can also assign an out of office approver. If you’re going for a vacation or you are unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances, you can assign an out of office approver to approve reports on your behalf. When you assign an out of office approver, all your reports will be auto-forwarded to their Approvals tab through which they can approve the reports. You can also configure the duration after which the reports will cease to be auto-forwarded to the out of office approver. To add an out of office approver:

Out of Office Approver Out of Office Approver

Editing approved/submitted expense reports

As an approver, you can edit the expense reports submitted to you. Perform the following steps to know how it’s done:

Edit Reports

Edit Reports

Note: Only reports in the Submitted or Approved status can be edited.  

Rejecting an expense report

To reject a submitted expense report:

Reject Reports

Note: An approved report can be rejected by an Approver or an Admin.

Rejecting expense reports in Bulk

To reject expense reports in bulk, perform the following steps:

Bulk Reject Reports

Rejecting individual expenses in your expense reports

For example, your employee includes the tips of a business lunch in his/her report. If the company policy does not allow tips to be categorized as an expense, it restricts you from approving the report solely because of that expense. On the other hand, it makes your job a lot simpler if you can reject that expense alone, proceeding with the approval of the remaining expenses in the report. That’s precisely what we facilitate in Zoho Expense. Lets see how thats done:

Reject expense in reports

Reject expense in reports

Filtering submitted expense reports under Reports module

Given below are the list of available filters for submitted expense reports:

Filter Approvals

Filtering submitted expense reports under All Approvals section

Following are the list of filters available under All approvals:

Filter Approvals

Exporting expense reports

Perform the following steps to export your expense reports.

Exporting expense reports

Exporting expense reports for approvers

Exporting expense reports for admins

Exporting expense reports for admins

Sorting submitted expense reports

Under the Reports Approval section, expense reports can be sorted through various parameters such as:

Sorting Approvals

Custom Views

Having to look for a particular expense report among a long list of expense reports can be quite tedious. For instance, you are looking for a couple of expense reports pertaining to a particular project for a given duration of time. Although advanced search can help, you would still prefer an easier route. 
Using ‘Custom views’ you can sort your expense reports the way you like.

Here’s how it’s done:

Custom views

Custom views

Custom views

Custom views

Note: You can create custom views under Reports and All Approvals module also.

More Options

On opening an expense report, you can perform the following functions by clicking on the More drop-down.

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