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Zoho Expense - QuickBooks Online integration

Employee expenses are an essential part of accounting. Your job would become a lot easier if the expenses incurred on behalf of your company are reported and accounted for on a timely basis. This also accelerates the reimbursement process. That’s precisely what we facilitate by integrating Zoho Expense with QuickBooks Online. Choose how the sync should take place and export your expenses from Zoho Expense to QuickBooks with the click of a button.

This integration is available for organizations using the Simple start, Essentials and Plus plans of QuickBooks Online.

Note: Integration is currently not available for the UK edition of Zoho Expense. We'll be supporting that soon.

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Complete the setup and ensure that all your Approved expenses find their way to the corresponding QuickBooks account.

The setup mainly involves two steps:

Authorizing access to QuickBooks Online:

Initiate setup with QuickBooks

Authorizing QuickBooks setup

Authorizing QuickBooks setup

Configuring the integration:

Import from QuickBooks Online:

Customizing QuickBooks setup

Customizing QuickBooks setup

Export to QuickBooks Online:

Choose how you would like to export your expenses to QuickBooks Online:

Reimbursable expenses can be exported as:


Customizing QuickBooks setup

Note: Reimbursable expenses cannot be exported as a Bill in the Simple Start plan of QuickBooks Online. It can be exported as Journals only.


Customizing QuickBooks setup

Non-reimbursable expenses can be exported as:


Customizing QuickBooks setup

Exporting advance payment:

Recording advance payment

When exported as a Bill:
When exported as a Journal:

Exporting your reports to QuickBooks Online

Once the report is approved, it is ready to be exported to your QuickBooks account. It can be automatically exported to QuickBooks upon approval or manually exported by the admin who initiates the integration with QuickBooks.

Choose how to export

If you choose to export your reports manually, perform the following steps:

Export to QuickBooks

Note: For now, details on advance payment will not be exported to QuickBooks. Support for this features will be provided in the next update.

Disconnecting the integration

On disconnecting the integration, you can no longer export your expense reports to QuickBooks. Also, the instant sync option will be disabled. All your accounts, users and customers from QuickBooks will continue to remain active in Zoho Expense.

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disconnect option

Confirm disconnect

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