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  • Help Center

    Help Center is an online self-service portal where your customers can find answers to their issues by referring to your knowledge base and user community. This not only saves customers' waiting time on your agents but also helps your agents focus on other important tasks that require their attention.

    Help Center
  • Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base is a repository of help articles that you create for your customers to find answers on their own. Every brand in your Help Center can have a dedicated KB and you can further organize the content under various categories and sections.

    Knowledge Base
  • Article

    Articles are copies of frequently asked questions and answers which you create to populate your knowledge base. For easy access of these articles, you can organize them in departments relevant to your products or services. 

  • Community

    Community is a public forum where you can drive customer engagement. Your customers can post questions, answers and ideas, and they can help one another find answers. You can also keep them updated about new launches, offers and so on.

    • your customers can help one another find answers to any issues
    • your customers can post new ideas/suggestions
    • you can post announcements on new updates and launches
  • Multi-branding

    Multi-branding lets you manage all your company's brands in a single platform. This not only gives you room to maintain each brand's identity, but also helps customers contact or access each brand's resources easily. You can also set unique SLAs, workflows, and other rules which work the best for each brand, for better flow of day-to-day operations.

  • ASAP

    ASAP is an embeddable widget which allows self-servicing easier from any web page. End users can find KB, community, ticket submission form, and an AI-powered chat, all in a single window. 

  • Domain mapping

    Domain mapping is nothing but linking your help center with your company's domain. It would look odd if your help center URL shows some other company's name. That's why you need to map your help desk with your domain. This means, your help center URL which appears as https://desk.zoho.com/ by default can be changed to https://desk.yourcompany.com/

    Domain mapping