Self Service

What's the one thing that can drown out the joy of receiving great service? A long wait! Cut down on that with a self-service portal where customers can search through a storehouse of articles or interact with their peers through forums.

Unlock the portal of answers to your customers and let great customer service unfold.

Here's a glossary of terms you might come across. Just hover over one to look up its meaning.

Help Center

Before raising a ticket, your customers can search within a repository of frequently asked questions or ask a community of peers. The Help Center is your own self-service website that facilitates this.


Your team can articulate the best possible answers to frequently asked questions. Every such answer is called an Article. It can be hosted either privately or be made available publicly.

Knowledge Base

Your solution articles can be organized by categories and made available as a repository for customers to look up, called the Knowledge Base.


Your Help Center has a section called The Community where customers can communicate with other customers by asking questions and suggesting ideas.


You can create topics within the Community under which your customers can post their questions, replies and ideas.


Your customers can chat with available agents right from the Help Center. You could also add Chat to your website or any existing web page.


If your company deals with multiple brands, each of them can have their own customer-facing Help Center.

Domain Mapping

To use Zoho Desk with your own website domain, you can simply map your domain with Zoho. For example, if it read before, domain mapping will change it to

Web Form

You can make it easy for your customers to submit tickets to your team without having to leave your website, by embedding an in-page form in your web page.

Article Tags

To provide context to Zoho Desk about what an Article deals with, you can simply tag it with relevant keywords.

Click on an article to read it now. Or get selected articles delivered to your email, and read them later.

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