Tailor-made functions for your help desk.

Custom Functions are instructions that you can write to make third-party applications blend with your customer service efforts on Zoho Desk. Whether you need to add a task in your project management app or send time entries to an invoicing app, Zoho Desk lets you do it all.

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Maintain data exactly the way you need.

Write Custom Functions to perform tasks that are beyond Zoho Desk's built-in functionality. For example, if you need to update a field in Zoho Desk each time a happiness rating is received, you can write a Custom Function to do so.

Integrate Desk with other apps you use.

Even if you want an action in Zoho Desk to trigger an action in another app, we've got your back. For example, you can write a Custom Function to update a field in your CRM every time a ticket is closed in Zoho Desk.


In-house data security is an expensive challenge, especially when it comes to customer information. Instead, Custom Functions are written in Deluge, hosted and powered by Zoho, so you can run your business easily and safely.

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