Increase your support reachability with embeddable web forms

Know what your customers expect and feel about your business by making feedback forms
more accessible with the embeddable feedback widget.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

How can you benefit?

  • Help customers raise requests and help themselves from anywhere
  • Create web forms without writing a single line of code
  • Create or use pre-existing web forms by simply embedding the code
  • Collect valuable customer feedback

Embed support where your
customers want it

Offer your customers convenience by making support available anywhere with embeddable web forms. Your customers can submit their concerns, requests, or feedback, and also read knowledge base articles, initiate community interactions, or live chat all from the same screen using a single widget.

Configuration options for a feedback widget including web forms, knowledge base, and community

Customize forms to suit your
brand requirements

Create web forms in your customer's preferred language, customize the appearance of fields to fit your brand identity, and add fields that can help agents get more context to give your customers enhanced support.

Settings to customise field list to display in web forms

Convert web forms to tickets

Every request submitted by your customer is an essential piece of information for future interactions. Webform requests automatically convert to tickets in Zoho Desk to help you keep a record of all customer interactions while helping you provide support with necessary context.

only tickets raised via web forms displayed in Zoho Desk using custom views

Auto reply. Assign. Notify.

It's natural for customers to expect a confirmation for their form submission. Automatically send instant acknowledgment emails to your customers using email templates in Zoho Desk. Along with this, ensure no request slips through the cracks by automating ticket assignments to agents, and notify them of every activity taking place on the web form.

draft of an email template containing an acknowledgement email to be sent to a customer incoming notifications for the customer service representative in Zoho Desk about ticket updates configuration settings for automating equal assignment of tickets raised via web forms equally to agents

Seamlessly integrate web forms where
your customers engage

  • No credit card required.
  • No software to download.