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About Cartika

Cartika began in the year 2000 as an application hosting provider. Over the subsequent decades, it has evolved and matured to become a complete managed services provider for technology and application infrastructure. The company offers an industry-leading IaaS platform that allows businesses to manage their applications across specialized nodes, multiple operating systems, multiple data centers, and even multiple countries - all from a central, easy to use, web based user interface. Cartika's next generation offerings are complimented by the company's best of breed Proactive Managed Services offerings.

As the IaaS provider of choice for several large and mid-sized companies, Cartika's solutions commonly host applications whose performance is mission-critical to the organization. And that puts customer support as one of the company's highest priorities. Through a period of growth, Cartika moved to Zoho Desk from Salesforce. Zoho Desk has since helped Cartika provide great support availability across multiple channels, maintain prompt response times, and manage the overall customer experience without breaking a sweat.

Multichannel Support

Cartika offers multichannel support to customers through email, phone, chat, and a dedicated service management portal. As part of its commitment towards strong customer support, employees across the company participate in the customer experience. It's common to see employees outside customer support roles, such as engineers, and senior leaders, answer customer questions regularly. Using Zoho Desk, the team at Cartika is able to see and respond to all customer conversations from a single screen, without needing to switch back and forth between multiple tools. The integration with Zoho CRM ensures that all customer information is available to both sales and support teams, thereby improving responses to customers.

Customer Self-service

All customers at Cartika have access to a unified portal to manage their infrastructure. By embedding Zoho Desk's self-service capabilities right into the portal, Cartika ensures that customers have access to a repository of answers to commonly asked questions. Customers can also chat with an AI-based conversation assistant to get answers to their questions immediately.

Process Management & Automation:

Although the vast majority of conversations involve technical support, customers also request information on specific features, discuss challenges, and ask for some help with billing, and other aspects of the overall customer experience. These requests are automatically routed to the right team and the most appropriate person within the team. Each request is also put through a specific process, based on criteria, and wherever a different department is involved, the request transitions onward smoothly. The system keeps an eye on response times and delays, and escalations are automatically factored in as well. Cartika also uses Zoho Desk's AI capabilities to successfully triage customer conversations with a negative sentiment.

Insights & KPIs

Having a unified customer service platform allows the team at Cartika to automatically track important indicators of their performance, such as customer happiness, average response time, average first response time, and percentage of first-call resolution. Additionally, Zoho Desk's AI-based anomaly notifications help supervisors and leaders step in at the right moment to successfully manage change.

The Win

In a complicated and rapidly growing market where customers have plenty of options, Cartika uses its proprietary technology platform and its customer service experience, powered by Zoho Desk, to create strong differentiation and drive consistent growth.

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