Systematic knowledge management for frictionless service

Zoho Desk simplifies knowledge base management by unifying all tasks in one place, from creating and publishing articles to responding to feedback.

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How can you benefit?

  • Provide 24-hour support
  • Cut down on response times
  • Offer consistent and accurate service
  • Notice an increase in agent productivity
  • Maintain a unified brand image

Organize your Knowledge Base by brand

Make your Knowledge Base user-friendly by creating a separate category for each of your brands and a sub-category for brand-specific topics. Centralise knowledge management by storing all your media content in the Knowledge Base Gallery.

Speak your customers' languages

Build strong customer relationships by making your Knowledge Base accessible and comprehensible to users around the world. Automatically translate articles to over 50 languages and keep track of every article's translation status with colour-coded identifiers.

Share relevant information with customers

When customer searches produce irrelevant results, they may seek agent support. With Zoho Desk's collaboration and SEO optimization tools, stay on top of your customer's search results to provide them with accurate and high-quality content, while decreasing your agents' workloads.

Review and publish Make it SEO friendly

Monitor Knowledge Base operations

Create and manage informative knowledge base articles with ease. Revisit and reuse content with unlimited access to previous versions and a detailed history view. Set user access permissions for customers and employees to ensure security, transparency, and accountability.

Article versions Detailed history view

Support agent and KB collaboration

Empower your agents to send quick and accurate responses with automated article suggestions pulled from knowledge base, based on customer query. Make it seamless for agents to monitor and improve the quality of your knowledge base by automating the conversion of article feedback into support tickets.

Support agent and KB collaboration

Respond to customer needs

Curate articles that resonate with your community using insightful metrics about each customer's commonly searched-for keywords. Polish existing content by evaluating views, likes, dislikes, article usage metrics, and customer feedback.

Respond to customer needs

Build a powerful knowledge base for
your customers with Zoho Desk

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