•  Zia Bot 
  •  Sentiment Analysis
  •  Anomaly Detection
  •  Reply Assistant 
  •  Auto Tags
  •  Keywords
  •  Zia Dashboard
  • Zia Bot

    Facilitate true self-service by letting your customers chat with Zia and find answers quickly. Zia conveniently picks relevant articles from your Knowledge Base and provides them to your customers. The best part is that Zia bot can be placed in your website as well as your mobile app.

    Zia bot
  • Sentiment Analysis

    Often, ticket priority has been a way agents pick tickets to work on. Now, there's a better way. Zia gives every ticket either a positive, neutral or a negative sentiment score based on the most recent reply from the customer. This enables agents to take the customer's feelings into account when choosing tickets to approach first.

    Every ticket can have multiple back-and-forths. When the sentiment scores for a ticket have gradually moved from negative to positive, it means the agent is doing well.

    Sentiment Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection

    Zia can alert managers about anomalies in the ticket trends. When there's something out of the ordinary in the incoming or outgoing ticket traffic, Zia shows real-time notifications to the manager with a neat graph highlighting what's different.

    Anomaly Detection
  • Reply Assistant 

    You have a Reply Assistant that intelligently understands the context of a conversation and fetches you complete replies, drafted with relevant information from your Knowledge Base. Agents can just add these to their replies and hit send.

    Reply Assistant 
  • Auto Tags

    Zia generates unique labels, called tags, for tickets based on the conversation context. These tags help agents find tickets with similar problems and identify topics to add to the knowledge base.

    • Saves time for agents by providing a quick look at a ticket 
    • Works as a filter criteria for agents, so they can look up all tickets that carry a specific tag
    Auto Tags
  • Keywords

    Keywords, in this case, are subjects a ticket conversation revolves around. A tag is usually associated with a collection of relevant keywords. For example, "payment", "invoice'" "error" and "payment gateway" can collectively take the tag "payment failure".

  • Zia Dashboard

    With so many ways in which Zoho Desk's A.I. engine helps agents and managers, you'll need this one place to look up all the parameters from a single interface. Spot anomalies in the incoming and outgoing ticket traffic, or look up the auto tags that are currently trending. Track sentiment scores for your tickets using aggregate percentages of positive, neutral, and negative ratings. Observe the trends of your ticket sentiments with the trend bar graph.

    Zia dashboard

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