Channels are medium for collaboration and communication within and outside the organization. They are modified versions of group chats for efficient conversations, by having a structure similar to an organization hierarchy with roles and permissions. Cliq channels can support up to 5000 users and an organization can have any number of channels. 

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Channel levels

Cliq channels are classified into 4 levels mirroring an organization structure. They are channels for: whole organization, within teams, personal use and collaboration with external users.

Create and join channels

 One can create new channels on any topic ranging from hobbies to work, or join in any existing channel to take part in the conversations. Following are detailed info on creating and joining channels.

Channel roles and permissions

Cliq Channels are fitted with user roles and permissions to structure the actions performed in a channel. The following help pages gives clear info on these roles and permissions. 

Channel features

Cliq channels are fitted with many features to enhance collaboration and communication among the users of the channel. The following pages details the features of Cliq channels.

Channel Actions

One can perform a plethora of actions in Cliq channels. The following help pages are filled with detailed info on these actions.



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