What are roles in a channel and how do I view them?

What are roles in a channel and how do I view them?

Each member in a channel has a specific role. Based on these roles, permissions can be enabled to users. There are 4 roles that users can be categorized into: Super Admin, Admin, Moderator, Member.

  1. Super Admin: Super Admin is the topmost role and can perform all actions in a channel. By default the org admins will be super admins of organization channels, the team admins will be super admins of team channels, and for personal and external channels the creator will be the super admin. 
  2. Admin: The role of admin is assigned by the super admin in all channels. However, in organization and team channels the creator will by default become the admin of that channel. 
  3. Moderator: Moderator is next to admins and the role of a moderator is assigned to users by super admin and admin. 
  4. Members: All the other users in the channel are considered as members. 

To know the roles of users in a channel, go to Participants View by clicking on the participant count below channel name. 
Click on participant count below channel name in chat headerThe participants view will list all users of channels under each role

Note: If the creator of a channel (except org admins and team admins) leaves that channel, then on joining back they will be assigned the role of 'Members'.


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