How do I create a Channel?

How do I create a channel?

To create a new channel, click on +Create/Join next to Channels in left side bar. In the dialogue that opens, click Create Channel.

  1. Give a name for your channel
  2. Select a level
  3. If Organization or Team is selected, then set its visibility
    Open to all - The channel will be visible to everyone for joining
    Invite only - The channel will be closed and participants should be added to the channel, i.e. not visible for joining
  4. Enter the names of users in Add Participants and select the user from the suggestions displayed
    Maximum of 100 users can be selected under this field, more users can be added later on
  5. Give a description and click Create Channel button

Tip: You can also create a channel easily from the Quick Plus '+' icon next to Search in top bar.


#1. Click on +Create/Join
Click +Create/Join to create a new channel
#2. Click Create Channel and fill in the detailsFill in all the details and select channel level
#3. Create channel from Quick Plus '+'Click the Quick Plus icon next to Search bar


  • To create a team channel, one must be part of Teams in the organization. These Teams must be created by the org admin in admin panel. For more details, refer here. 
  • If your organization admin has enabled 'approval for organization channels' in policies, then the organization channels you create will have to be approved by the admin.


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