How do I create teams in my organization?

How do I create teams in my organization? 

Create teams in Cliq and organize all your Cliq users into teams, structuring your Cliq company, increasing productivity and boosting performance. 

  • Any number of teams can be created in Cliq, and a user can be part of mulitple teams! 
  • These teams are used for creating team channels.
  • Teams and Departments are to help construct your Cliq organization and are independant of each other. 
  • Teams in Cliq are the same as organizational groups in Zoho Directory and so the Cliq teams can be used in other Zoho Products as well, i.e Mail, Connect, ...

Example: Marketers in Zylker organization can belong to one or various teams depending on the region and project they belong to, like Zylcal Marketing, Content and Growth Marketing,  Europe Marketing Div, US Regional Marketing, and so on... But all the marketers will be classified under one department as Marketing. 
Thus your org users can belong to many teams but only to one Department.

To create a team, follow the steps given below: 

  1. Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel.
  2. Under General menu in left sidebar, click and open Teams
  3. Click on Create Team button, then enter the name and description, set an image, assign users and click Create. 


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