What are Invite only channels under Organization and Team?

What are Invite only channels under Organization and Team?

Organization channels are open to everyone in the organization and team channels are open to all team members. But what if a closed channel is needed among select users of the organization or a team?

The solution is Invite only channels. Only the users added in the channel will be able to view the channel, i.e. Invite only refers to the process of giving access to select users by adding them in a closed channel. The Invite only channels are distinguished by a lock icon in the left sidebar.
If a user leaves a channel, they will not be able to find and join it on their own unless added again by any member of the channel.


Examples for Invite only channels:
#managers, an organization closed channel among the leadership staffs of the company.
#reminders@zlycal, to build a new feature - Reminders, a closed team channel is created with only the members involved in the new feature. Locked channels are for specific users



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