What are Permissions and how to view them?

What are channel permissions and how do I view them?

Channel actions can be controlled by set of parameters called Permissions. These channel permissions are unique to each channel i.e. the permissions are independent for each channels. 


​Channel Permissions are available in Unlimited plan of Cliq and in Zoho One.

The permissions available in channels are as follows: 

  1. Edit Channel Info: To edit channel name, logo and description
  2. Add participant: To add participants in the channel
  3. Remove participant: To remove participants from the channel
  4. Clear all messages: To clear entire conversation history of the channel
  5. Archive channel: To archive the channel
  6. Delete channel: To delete the channel
  7. Send message: To send messages in channel
  8. Mention users: To use @mentions for users, @mentions for teams (org groups) and #tags for channel
  9. Leave channel: To leave the channel when needed
  10. Host PrimeTime: To start a primetime session in the channel
  11. Delete Message: To delete messages in the channel
  12. Edit Message: To edit messages in the channel
  13. Start Huddle: To start video conference in the channel
  14. Pin Messages: To pin messages in the channel
  15. @participants, @available mentions: To mention all users through @participants (all participants of the channel) and @available (only participants whose status is available)

Channel permissions can be viewed by all channel users in channel info. Click on Actions at bottom right corner and select Channel info. In the info that opens, select Permissions tab to view the current channel permissions. 

Tip: An announcement only channel can be created by simply disabling the 'Send message' permission for all members, such that only admins have permission to post messages! The below image is an example of an announcement channel. The textbox will convey to users that it's an announcement channel. 

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