Can I create a team channel with multiple teams?

Can I create a team channel with multiple teams?

Yes, it is possible to create a team channel with multiple teams. If you are a member of multiple teams, then you can choose the required teams when creating a channel. All members of the selected teams will be able to view and join the channel. 
Multi-team channels are distinguished by an interlinked icon, and they are listed under any one of the teams that the user is part of in the leftside bar. 

Tip: A multi-team channel can be created between 4 teams!

Examples for multi-team channels

#twitter-campaigns, a multi-team channel where the sales and marketing team work together. The marketing team works on campaigns and the sales team takes care of leads from these campaigns.
#server-incidents, a multi-team channel where server updates of Zylcal and Zylnotes are posted by PagerDuty bot, so the members of the teams are instantly aware of server incidents.



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