How do I invite users from other organizations to join an external channel?

How do I invite users from other organizations to join an external channel?

For external channels invites must be sent to users of other organizations and they should accept and join to be a part of that channel, whereas users of the same organization can be added directly without invites. 

To send invites go to Channel Preview i.e. under Actions select Channel info and in here, enter the email address of external users and hit Invite. If the external user is part of your contact, then they will be displayed for you to choose from.
Invite another Org user by entering their email id in Channel Preview

 There are 2 cases here: Cliq user and non-Cliq user. 

Cliq user:

  • The users will receive invite via email to join the channel. Clicking on Join button will open a new Cliq tab where the user can join and proceed to the channel. 
  • The user will also receive notification of the channel invite via Taz bot. The user can now open +Create/Join channels dialog box, look for the channel and join in it or click Actions icon (3 dots) straight to External channel heading, choose Join option, look for the channel and join in it. 

Non-Cliq user: 

  • The user will receive channel invite via email along with call to action 'Sign up for Cliq'. 
  • Once the user signs-up and opens Cliq page, the user can look for this external channel by clicking on +Create/Join next to Channels in left sidebar.
  • In the dialog that opens the external channel will be listed under 'Channels you can join tab'. The user should click Join to become a member of that channel. 


#1. +Create/Join next to Channels in left sidebar
Click +Create/Join to create a new channe
#2. Actions icon (3 dots) next to each channel level heading in left sidebar
Click on Actions icon straight to each channel level

Note: Other organization users will be able to add users from their organization or even invite users from other organizations in your external channel if 'Add participants' permission is enabled for their role.

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