What are Organization Channels?

What are Organization Channels?

As the name suggests, organization channels are for everyone in the organization. It is open to all users and anyone can search for and join in them. These channels can be created on a wide range of topics ranging from #internal-support to #garage-bands. Interested users of the organization can join and leave the channel anytime as per their need. 

There is also invite-only organization channels, wherein the channel will be locked by the channel creator and participants can be added only by users who are already part of the channel! (Refer links at bottom for more details)

An organization channel will be represented by the below icon and can be found under Organization menu in leftside bar. 

Organization channel icon


Examples for organization channels

#music-lovers, a channel where users interested in music can chat about genres, latest updates of music industry and also share music.
#internal-support, a channel where users can join for internal queries, issues and requirements.


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