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Zoho Invoice and Zoho Expense

Spending yourself for customer projects?
Looking to get reimbursed quick?
The perfect expensing-billing combo!

What is Zoho Expense?

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting software that automates recording of expenses from receipts, simplifies expense reporting, streamlines the approval process, and provides control over business expenditures.

Integrated by default.

You don't need keys and clicks to integrate. Infact, you don't ever have to do anything to connect Zoho Invoice and Zoho Expense. Login, use and watch the integrated apps do the magic for you.

Approve in Zoho Expense.
Ready to be billed in Zoho Invoice.

Spending for the client projects and getting it reimbursed? Create and approve billable expenses in Zoho Expense and bill them from Zoho Invoice.

Keep your customers list in-sync!

Avoid double entry of Customer information. Customers created in one product will automatically appear in the other, including all the Contact Persons.

Project details updated. Always.

Projects created in Zoho Invoice will readily be available in Zoho Expense. Create expenses for respective projects.

Get a personalized demo from our experts

Attend a demo and receive $50 worth of Zoho Wallet credits that you can use to subscribe to Zoho Expense!



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