Sales Tax Liability

You need to create a new organization and choose the US edition to make use of this feature. Below are a list of operations you can perform with sales tax.

Sales Tax Liability Report

You can view detailed tax reports which displays clearly the taxable and non-taxable amount for a Tax Authority.


Name Description
Tax Name It simply refers to the name you’d like to assign to a particular tax. For example, Austin can be the name assigned to the sales tax for the city of Austin.
Tax Authority It refers to the organization in charge of collecting taxes in a specified region. For example, the Travis County Tax Office is the tax authority for Austin, Texas.
Rate It refers to the tax rate for a particular region in percentage. For example, the tax rate in Austin, Texas is 8.25 (percentage).
Exemption Reason Users have to enter why a customer/transaction/item is exempt from sales tax. For example, Child Care and Non Profit Organizations are exempt from tax.
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