Other Actions for Payments Received

Let’s have a look at the various actions that can be performed upon a Payments Received in Zoho Billing.

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Edit Payments Received

You can edit the details of any payment received. Here’s how:

Edit Payments Received

Download as PDF or Print

You can download any payment received as a PDF or you can also print them. Here’s how:

Download as PDF

Mail Payments Received

You can email any of the payments received to your customers. Here’s how:

Mail Payments Received

Attach Files to Payments Received

You can attach files to your payment. This can be done through:

To attach files to your payment:

Attach Files to Payments Received

Delete Payments Received

You can delete any invoice or retainer payment that you’ve recorded in Zoho Billing. Here’s how:

Delete Payments Received

If you are unable to find the Delete button, click More > Delete. This happens when you have excess payments for the payments received.

Bulk Actions

You can perform bulk actions upon many payments. Some of the actions include:

To perform bulk actions on multiple payments:

Bulk Actions

Bulk Update

You can update fields for multiple payments with similar values using the Bulk Update feature.

Scenario: Patricia wants to update the Payment Mode for some of her payments. She selects these payments, clicks Bulk Update, and updates the Payment Mode for those payments.

To update fields in bulk:

Bulk Update Bulk Update

Export Payments

You can export all the payments received in Zoho Billing in the CSV or XLS format. Here’s how:

Export Payments Received Export Payments Received

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