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Activity Logs

Activity log is a detailed record of all the activities that were carried out in your organization during a particular period of time. In short, it provides details on the when, what, where and who of an action performed.

Activity logs helps you to oversee the actions that are performed in Zoho Billing and gives you a chance to review those actions performed in your Zoho Billing organization in the case of any suspected fraud.

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View Activity Log Report

Let us take a look at the different sections that this report contains:

Audit Trail
Sections Description
Time The exact date and time of the action.
Activity Details Provides details on the module, account and related contact.
Description Details on the action performed along with the name of the user.

Customize Activity Log Report

Activity Logs Report - Customize

You can customize the report based on:

Filters Description
Date Range The period for which you want the activity log.
Activity Related To The particular module (Invoices, Expenses) or the action related to a module.
Vendor/Customer Name In case the selected action pertains to any Sales/Expense module, you will have the option to choose a particular Customer/Vendor respectively.
User Filter activity by users in your organization.
Actions You can filter by All actions or just Create, Update or Delete actions.
PII Fields Run the report to view only the changes made to any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Export and Print Report

You can download this report by clicking Export As in the top right corner of the page and selecting the file format in which you want to download.

You can also print the report by clicking the Print icon in the top right side of the page.

View History of Changes with Audit Trail

Audit Trail in Zoho Billing lets you view and track the history of changes made to any transaction. You will able to compare the versions to view exactly by whom and when a change was made.

To do this:

The two versions are listed side by side. You will be able to view the differences in the values highlighted in three different colours.

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