Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping feature allows you and your users to access Zoho Subscriptions admin console and your customers their client portal and hosted page from a domain of your choice. For example, if your company name is Zylker and your website is, you can create a sub-domain, and map it with Zoho Subscriptions.

Your customers can then access their customer portal at and you or your users can access Zoho Subscriptions at instead of

Mapping Your Domain

In Zoho Subscriptions,

Note: Creating a CNAME and mapping it varies for different service providers. So, in case of any doubts regarding this, kindly contact your domain provider.

Invalid Domain Mapping

Ensure that you provide a valid domain address in Zoho Subscriptions. Else, you and your customers will be redirected to an invalid domain throwing a 404 error saying “This Web Page is Not Available”.

SSL Error

Once you map your domain with Subscriptions, you may encounter an SSL error screen. This is because, the process usually takes 3-5 business days. So please try after that. If you still face the error, contact us at

Note: SSL certificates from third-party vendors cannot be installed in Zoho Subscriptions.