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23 October 2020

View employee benefits summary in the ESS portalFeatured

Your employees can now keep track of the statutory component contributions made on their behalf in the Benefits Summary tab under Salary Details of their employee self-service portal.

16 October 2020

Customise regular and final settlement payslipsFeatured

You can now customise the payslips that you send to your employees by including special notes, custom fields. In the final settlement, you can add termination notes and a Declaration by the Receiver.

Learn how to customise employee payslips

13 October 2020

View getting started checklistFeatured

You can now find a checklist of the steps you need to complete before you run your first payroll in the new Getting Started page.

09 October 2020

Customise EPF calculation when loss of pay is involvedFeatured

You can now enable an option to calculate EPF using all applicable components if PF wage is less than ₹15,000 after loss of pay. This way, your employee continues to enjoy the benefit of EPF later on with a substantial contribution. You can find this option under Settings > Statutory Components > Employee Provident Fund.

01 October 2020

Employee Termination ReportFeatured

You can find the list of all the employees who have resigned or been let go in the past year in the new Employee Termination Report under Reports > Employee Reports. You can view a terminated employee's service period, reason for termination, final settlement amount, and termination date in the report.

24 September 2020

Pause loan deductionsFeatured

You can now pause the loan repayments for your employees temporarily using the Pause Loan Instalment option in Zoho Payroll.

Learn how to pause loans for your employees

24 September 2020

Import restricted PF contribution amount for employeesFeatured

You can now directly import the values of restricted EPF contribution amount for particular employees in the organisation. You can import these details in the Employees module using the Import option in the top right corner.

11 September 2020

View the consolidated TDS worksheet of all employeesFeatured

View the tax projection and TDS of all your employees in a consolidated worksheet. You can export the TDS consolidated worksheet from the payroll overview page once you process a payroll.

11 September 2020

Edit personal details of terminated employeesFeatured

Zoho Payroll enables you to edit personal details of the terminated employees in order to maintain up to date information for future communication. Go to Employees > Choose Terminated Employees from Employee Type filter > Select the Employee > Click Edit icon > Make changes and Save.

24 August 2020

Restrict FBP amount overrideFeatured

You can now restrict employees from overriding the salary components which have been included in the Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP). Once you do this, employees can either declare the maximum FBP value specified by the employer or exclude the FBP component itself.

01 August 2020

Reversal of special EPF contribution ratesFeatured

We made changes to revert the EPF contribution rate to 12% for both the employers and employees from the month of August. This is in accordance with the temporary COVID-19 relief measure proposed by the Government of India.

09 July 2020

Post a banner message in the ESS portalFeatured

Convey important messages to your employees through the Employee Self-Service portal. To post a message, go to Settings > Preferences > Employee Portal > Banner Message.

09 July 2020

Variable pay earnings reportFeatured

View the details for variable pay earnings disbursed to employees in a fiscal year. To access the report, go to Reports > Payroll Overview > Variable Pay Earnings Report.

09 July 2020

Delete previously generated Form 24Q Annexure II reportsFeatured

You can now delete any previously generated Form 24Q Annexure II report from the Reports module. To delete, go to Reports > Taxes and Forms > Form 24Q > click the Trash icon.

28 June 2020

Bulk download payslips and TDS worksheets from prior payrollFeatured

Download all payslips and TDS worksheets from a previous pay run at once. Go to Pay Runs > Payroll History > Select a past payroll > Click More > Download all Payslips or Download all TDS Worksheets.

19 Jun 2020

Export the deduction reportFeatured

You can now export the Deduction Report with a specific deductions summary for a specified period. For example, Total EPF Contribution for the first quarter of the financial year.

19 Jun 2020

Sync custom field information from Zoho PeopleFeatured

You can now sync additional employee information from Zoho People by creating custom fields in Zoho Payroll and mapping them to relevant fields in People.

19 Jun 2020

Display employee's department in payslipsFeatured

Along with PAN, YTD, and work location, you can now include employees' departments in their payslips. Go to Settings > Payslip Templates > Choose a payslip template > Check the Department option.

11 Jun 2020

Enhancements to the Reports moduleFeatured

You can now filter all the reports by Department, Designation and Work Location and then export the results.

11 Jun 2020

Bulk-download payslips and TDS sheets in a paid pay runFeatured

Download all payslips and TDS worksheets in a completed pay run at once. Go to Pay Runs > Payroll History > Select a pay run > Click More > Download all Payslips or Download all TDS Worksheets.

28 May 2020

Option to delete loansFeatured

You can now delete the organisation loans that you've created in Zoho Payroll if they are not open (active) in an employee's account. If the repayments have been made offline, you can close those loans by recording manual repayments, then delete the organisation loan.

26 May 2020

EPF special rates handling for COVID-19Featured

As part of the COVID-19 financial reliefs announced by the Government of India, employers and employees can now contribute 10% of PF wages instead of 12% for May, June, and July 2020.

11 May 2020

Free Plan in Zoho PayrollFeatured

Zoho Payroll has introduced a free version for organisations with 10 employees or lesser working from a single work location. You can move to the Free Plan once the trial period ends.

11 May 2020

Custom fieldsFeatured

We have introduced custom fields for the Employee module to enable you to collect and store additional information about your employees such as Aadhaar number, marital status, etc.

Learn about custom fields

11 May 2020

Alerts & reminders for IT declaration & POIFeatured

You can now remind your employees via email to submit their IT declarations and investment proofs before the deadline. You can send up to 5 reminders to your employees before you lock the IT/POI submission.

Learn more about IT Declaration

7 May 2020

Monthly split up of the HRA calculation in TDS slipFeatured

Now, you can view the monthly split-up of the total HRA under the working notes in the TDS slip.

6 May 2020

Investment declaration for prior payroll terminated employeesFeatured

You can now declare investments for employees terminated in the prior payroll. These investment details are essential while generating Form16.

6 May 2020

Zoho Payroll - Zoho People field mappingFeatured

You can directly sync employee information from Zoho People by mapping the Zoho Payroll fields with the Zoho People fields. The fields that will be populated from Zoho People can be found under Zoho People > Settings > Customization > Forms > Employee. You can also add custom fields in this section.

6 May 2020

Loan opening balanceFeatured

Loans which were disbursed and partially repaid during the prior payroll period can be recorded in Zoho Payroll. Furthermore, you can now add the loan opening balance, perquisite opening balance, and continue processing repayments in the pay runs as post-tax deductions.

6 May 2020

Arrear PF reportsFeatured

Any PF that is credited as arrears to employees after salary revision will be captured in the Arrear PF report. You can access this report in Reports > Statutory Reports > EPF-ECR Report > View Arrear EPF-ECR Report.

2 April 2020

Perquisite calculation for employer-owned vehiclesFeatured

You can now calculate the perquisite rate for company-provided cars based on the engine capacity and the driver expenses as dictated by the Government in the employee salaries.

Learn how to calculate vehicle perquisite

31 March 2020

Union Budget 2020 changes implementedFeatured

Zoho Payroll now supports tax calculation based on the newly introduced tax regime as well as the old tax regime. This is in accordance with the changes introduced in the Union Budget 2020.

17 March 2020

Customise payslip templateFeatured

You can now customise the monthly payslips you send out to your employees to include organisation logo, PAN, YTD values and work location.

19 February 2020

Override loan repayment amountFeatured

Loan repayment amounts can now be skipped or overridden while processing payroll.

7 February 2020

Make payments to selected employeesFeatured

You can now selectively pay your employees on different pay dates and record the payment in Zoho Payroll.

Learn how to process payruns

4 February 2020

Modify, enable, or disable prior payrollFeatured

Enabling, editing, or disabling prior payroll is now possible.

Learn how to configure prior payroll

29 January 2020

Changes to statutory component calculationsFeatured

An employer's contribution towards PF (comprising of EPS, EDLI, and admin charges) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) can now be included as part of an employee's CTC. Also, all salary components (except HRA) can be included for PF wage calculations if the calculated PF wage is less than ₹15,000.

9 January 2020

Employees' salary statement reportFeatured

View the yearly breakup of your employees' earnings, deductions, taxes, and reimbursements in the Employees' Salary Statement report.

9 January 2020

Import terminated employeesFeatured

You now have the option to import employees terminated in the previous payrolls instead of manually adding them in Zoho Payroll.

9 January 2020

Unlock or lock FBP, IT, & POI submission in bulkFeatured

Proof submission for FBP, IT, and POI can be locked or unlocked for specific employees in bulk.

3 January 2020

Import pre-tax deductionsFeatured

You can now import pre-tax deductions in bulk and associate them to your employees.

2 January 2020

Enable or disable EPS in salary details and templatesFeatured

Employers can now choose to include or exclude the EPS contribution in EPF for their employees. You can enable or disable the EPS contribution for individual employees or create a salary template and associate it to multiple employees.

23 December 2019

Delete terminated employees from prior payrollFeatured

We have enabled the option to delete the terminated employees who were included as part of the prior payroll.

5 December 2019

Choose to post journal entries in BooksFeatured

Now, you can choose to post the corresponding journal entry in Books when you process each pay run.

28 November 2019

Select a new paydayFeatured

You can now change your organisation's payday in Zoho Payroll even after processing your first payroll and continue making payments.

27 November 2019

Account codesFeatured

While configuring direct deposit payment, you can now add the account code along with the bank account details. The account code will also be present in any related payroll journal entry posted in Zoho Books.

27 November 2019

Loan disbursement or repayment accountsFeatured

You can choose the bank or petty cash accounts through which loans are disbursed to employees. Similarily, loan repayments received as cash or bank deposits can also be recorded in Zoho Payroll.

27 November 2019

Create multiple earnings with the same component typeFeatured

Create up to 5 earnings of the same component type (Basic, HRA, Conveyance Allowance, etc) with different specifications, and associate them with employees. For Custom Allowance and Bonus, create up to 20 earnings.

8 November 2019

Export EPF summaries in XLS formatFeatured

XLS format is now supported for this report.

5 November 2019

Edit or opt out of post-tax recurring deductionsFeatured

You can now skip or change the post-tax recurring salary deduction amount for employees by editing it in the Pay Runs module.

5 November 2019

Perquisite summary reportFeatured

You can view the perquisite amount for all employees in the Employees' Perquisite Summary report. Also, you can export this report in CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats.

16 October 2019

Employees' CTC Details reportFeatured

Breakup of the employees' earnings, reimbursements and pre-tax deductions will now be available in the Employees' CTC Details report.

10 October 2019

IFSC ValidationFeatured

IFSC will now be auto-verified when you add bank account details in Zoho Payroll.

5 October 2019

Loan Outstanding Summary and Loan Perquisites Summary reportFeatured

We have introduced two new reports, Loan Outstanding Summary and Loan Perquisites Summary, to help you track the loans. 

16 September 2019

Enable or disable ESS portal for employeesFeatured

Enable or disable ESS portal for multiple employees at once by selecting them from the Employees module.

5 September 2019

Export termination pay run detailsFeatured

You can now export the pay run details of terminated employees in your organization.

28 August 2019

Linking payable days from Zoho People to Zoho PayrollFeatured

Now, calculate employee salary based on payable days. Sync attendance data captured in Zoho People automatically with Zoho Payroll.

16 August 2019

Payroll related Budget changes implementedFeatured

Zoho Payroll has implemented the recent changes in budget pertaining to payroll, such as tax deductions for home buyers and on e-vehicles.

6 August 2019

Downloadable bank advice for direct deposit membersFeatured

Now you can download bank advice for employees enrolled with direct deposit.

16 July 2019

Enhanced Salary Register ReportFeatured

The revamped salary register report contains your employees' salary details along with other basic information such as name, department, designation, date joined, and more giving a holistic picture.

14 June 2019

Simplified employee data importFeatured

The updated importing options allow you to add employee details, such as basic, payment and statutory details as separate files, resulting in a simpler onboarding process.

9 May 2019

Submit Proofs along with Reimbursement ClaimsFeatured

Your employees can now attach their bills online when they submit a reimbursement claim through the employee portal.

22 April 2019

Enhancements to Salary TemplateFeatured

Zoho Payroll now allows you to change a salary template associated to an employee before or after a pay run. Also, you can select a salary template during salary revision.

7 April 2019

Zoho Books Integration: Choose When to Post a Journal EntryFeatured

Configure whether journal entries must be posted in Zoho Books on cash basis (on pay day) or accrual basis (on the last day of the pay period).

30 March 2019

Payroll Variance ReportsFeatured

Generate payroll variance reports which highlight the differences between the current pay run and previous month's pay run, either in the component-wise or employee-wise format.

29 March 2019

Delete Pay Runs or Mark Pay Runs as UnpaidFeatured

You can now delete the current month’s pay run, in case you’ve processed it erroneously. Also, you can mark a completed pay run as unpaid.

2 March 2019

Configure EPF at Employee-levelFeatured

You can now have different EPF configurations for each employee.

23 February 2019

ESI Included as a Part of Employees' CTCFeatured

You can configure ESI in such a way that the employer's contribution is included in the Cost to Company (CTC) of your employees.

10 February 2019

Zoho Payroll - Indian Edition ReleaseFeatured

Zoho Payroll App was launched successfully in India.

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