Pay Runs

Pay run refers to the act of compensating your employees for the days they’ve worked in a month. Using Zoho Payroll, you can configure the payroll structure for your company and process pay runs for your employees effectively.

Before you run payroll, make sure that you have set up Zoho Payroll and added all your employees.

How do I process a pay run?

Based on your pay schedule, you will receive a reminder for the pending pay runs. You can create a pay run from Home or Pay Runs module by clicking the Create Pay Run button.

Create Pay Run

You will be directed to a page which displays all the key information related to the pay run such as Payroll Cost, Payday, Net Pay, Taxes & Deductions Summary and Employee Summary.

Summary Add Inputs Import Details Deduction Summary Journal Entry Create Pay Run Create Pay Run

The journal entry posted in Zoho Books will be reversed and the transactions will be removed from the respective accounts.

Selective Payments

Pay Runs module supports making payments for selective employees. You can make payments for a few of your employees on a certain date and pay the rest of your employees later.

To pay a few selected employees:

Initiate Selective Payment Record Selective Payment Record Pay Date

The selected employees will be marked as paid. You can make payments to the other employees on a different date and record the payment.  Journal entries corresponding to each payment will be posted automatically in Zoho Books along with the payment date.

Journal Entry