Zoho One Integrated with Zoho Payroll

Zoho One is the operating system for business. It is an integrated suite of applications designed to cater to sales, marketing, accounting, and all your other business needs. Learn more about Zoho One. Zoho Payroll is a part of the Finance module in the Zoho One suite. Once you’ve purchased user licences in Zoho One, you can access Zoho Payroll and process your employees’ payroll through it.


  • Only the India edition of Zoho Payroll would be listed in the Zoho One suite.
  • Zoho Payroll will be listed in Zoho One bundle only for:
    • Organisations that have its location as India.
    • Customers who use any of the India edition Zoho Finance applications in the Zoho One suite.

User/Employee Add-on count in Zoho One

  • If you purchase 10 user licenses in Zoho One, you can add up to 10 users (users + employees) in Zoho One with unique email addresses. Employees who are also admins (with the same email address) will be considered as 1 user and not 2. (Eg: 5 user + 5 employees - 10 unique email addresses)
  • Terminated employees will not be taken into account. The Date of Termination of these employees must fall before the Zoho Payroll start date.
  • An employee with “Terminated” status will be counted as an add-on until the Termination Payroll (Full and Final Settlement) is processed.
  • An Employee marked as inactive will not be counted as an add-on.
  • Any terminated/inactive employee with active admin privileges will be counted as an add-on.

User & Employee Data Handling

  • Employees can be added from both Zoho One and Zoho Payroll and the data will be synced with the other application.
  • Any change done in user-employee information will be reflected in the other app instantly.
  • Users can be added only through Zoho One. If a customer tries to add a user in Zoho Payroll, they will be redirected to Zoho One.
  • User information editing, re-inviting user, and status related handling (i.e. marking status active/inactive/delete) can be done using any of the apps.
  • Employee Termination handling (adding terminated employee/terminating an active employee) can be done only from Zoho Payroll.
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