Best payroll software for small businesses in India

Tasks that used to be handled by disconnected teams have become accessible within the same platform, improving collaboration. Work gets done faster and more accurately with automation for routine workflows and calculations. All thanks to dedicated payroll software for small business.
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The ways of the old

Payroll is often thought of as just adding up paycheques and distributing them amongst staff, but in reality, it includes much more—like computing variable pay, PF or IT deductions, allowances, and medical insurances. Small businesses create multiple spreadsheets to keep all this data tracked and organized, only to be left with major challenges. Calculations can go wrong, there will be no automations or updates when it comes to tax laws, bulk actions or salary revisions.

The new look

Life changes for small businesses with payroll software
  • Handles payroll nuances
  • Scales with you
  • Keeps compliance
  • Consolidates data
  • Ensures better security
  • Brings everything together

Top features lovedby our small business customers

Complete employee journey

Travel alongside each of your team members from the time they join, through their growth within the organisation, up until their exit.
Complete Employee Journey | Best Payroll System for Small Businesses in India - Zoho Payroll

Simple payroll processing

A simple, neat UI that allows you to save time and effort while running payroll.
Simple Payroll Processing | Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses in India - Zoho Payroll

Efficient employee self-service portal

A password-protected online space that helps you delegate basic payroll tasks to your staff.
Employee Self Service Portal | Best Payroll Solution for Small Businesses in India - Zoho Payroll


Zoho Books Integration
Zoho Books, our accounting software, keeps your business reconciliation ready by auto-recording payroll transactions.
Zoho Payroll Integration
Zoho People, our HRM software, helps with fast and fool-proof data entry and pulling spot-on LOP reports.
Bank Integration
Our third-party integrations with HSBC and YES Bank offer direct salary payments through a one-click method.

Fast adoption

A simple-to-use and comprehensive payroll solution that is easy to migrate to.

Customer support team

Our empathetic and swift support team focuses on serving you better over calls and emails.

Case Study

The story of customer satisfaction
What is Leegality?
Leegality is a e-Sign, e-Stamp and Document Workflow platform that uses automation to allow businesses to sign and collect digital signatures on their documents.
How did Zoho Payroll help?
Implementation time
  • 5 working days, within 2 weeks
Digitization benefits
  • Saved around 10 hours per week
  • Automation allowed smoother payroll management
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