Skip Spreadsheets and simplify payroll with software

Escape the inefficiencies of missing cell values, broken formulas, and keeping separate spreadsheets for each team. Collaborate effortlessly and complete payroll in no time with tailor-made software.
Skip spreadsheet and simplify payroll

Challenges of payroll spreadsheets

When budding businesses imagine payroll, they think Excel sheets.
Most businesses start small, and when they do, a spreadsheet is their first choice for managing their payroll operations. It's inexpensive, it does basic math, and it's comfortable to use.
When the business grows in size, the employee base grows, and so does the payroll data. Suddenly, maintaining statutory compliance is a challenge, accuracy becomes difficult and large data sets only make things even more complex.
See how Zoho Payroll, our cloud-based payroll processing software, overcomes the shortcomings of spreadsheets.

Payroll Software vs Spreadsheet

More awesome features that make payroll processing a smooth sail

  • Single-click pay runs
  • Online salary payments through partner banks
  • Diverse compensation and benefit structures
  • Templated salary structures for faster onboarding
  • Multiple work location configuration for all your branches
  • Full and final settlement
  • Integrated leave and attendance data management
  • Predefined approval workflows for validation
  • Generate, sign, and distribute Form 16 online
  • Mobile app for employees
  • 20+ detailed reports for a bird's-eye view
  • Payslip and email templates

Thinking of ways to overcome
the shortcomings of spreadsheets?

Think Zoho Payroll