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6 Mins

How to sign-up and get started

By Dinesh R, Product Expert

Payroll processing should be effortless and Zoho Payroll is as easy as it gets. With the help of this webinar, you can learn how to sign-up and get started with Zoho Payroll within less than 8 mins. Complete your basic settings as you complete this video.

Dinesh R

By Dinesh R

Product Expert

5 Mins

Navigating through Zoho Payroll

By Dinesh R, Product Expert

This simple video will give you a detailed overview on Zoho Payroll. Walk through a range of payroll activities like completing pay runs, understanding auto-calculations of salaries, taxes and deductions, managing loans, handling IT declarations and POI or reimbursements claims and much more.

Dinesh R

By Dinesh R

Product Expert

13 Mins

Collect IT Proofs easily using Zoho Payroll

By Archana A, Product Expert

This is an educational video to inform you in the process of making IT proof collection and validation process simpler for your team using Zoho Payroll. Quit worrying and ace your tax season true up easily as our product expert takes you on a detailed segment.

Archana A

By Archana A

Product Expert

37 Mins

Cloud based payroll software

By Christopher Joseph, Marketing Associate, Zoho

By CA Chintan Patel, Chartered Accountants

Why do modern business need cloud based payroll software? How can it avert payroll related risks? Watch this webinar to find out. It also discusses the importance of compliance and reporting. Keep your business ahead in the ever-evolving trade world using the simple cloud payroll solution - Zoho Payroll.

Christopher Joseph

By Christopher Joseph

Marketing Associate, Zoho

CA Chintan Patel

By CA Chintan Patel

Chartered Accountants