Payslip Templates

You can customise how you want your employees’ payslips to look in this section of settings. There are two types of payslip templates:

Regular Payslip Templates

Once you process the monthly pay runs, you need to send the payslip to your employees. You can choose a default template from the following options:

Payslip Template

To configure a default payslip:

While sending out payslips, you can choose to include the employees’ PAN, YTD, Department, and Work Location. You can also choose to include any custom fields that you might have created. You can also add your organisation’s logo and resize it appropriately to display in the payslip.

To edit the payslip preferences:

Note: You can include a maximum of five custom fields in a template.

Payslip Template

Note: Changes made to a template will be applicable only for that particular template.

Final Settlement Payslip Template

You can customise the Final Settlement payslip that you send to your terminated employees after you’ve processed their final payments. To customise:

Payslip Template

Notes that you add in the Termination Pay Run will be displayed in the final settlement payslip.

Termination Payroll Notes