How do I setup a hierarchical approval flow?

As an Admin, you can setup a hierarchical approval flow by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the Users section on the LHS.
  • Click on the Invite User button present on the top right corner of the Users section.
  • Enter necessary details such, Email Address, name, User role, etc.
  • If you choose the user role as submitter, you will see the following drop-down:

Submits to: You can assign a default approver for the new user. All the reports from your new user will be sent to the user selected from Submits to drop-down.

If you choose the user role as Approver, or Admin, you will see an additional field:

Approves and forwards to: You can set another level of approval for this user. So, all the reports that are submitted to this user will be forwarded to the selected approver, whose name was โ€‹chosen from the Approves and forward to drop-down.

Clicking the + add criterion option will allow you to set a criteria based on which the submitted reports will be forwarded to the next approver.