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Kathryn Browne

VP, Operations

About World Education.

Back in the mid-90’s, our founder Stephen Gatlin formed an online education company that was eventually bought out by a large publishing company. In 2013, many of us from the original company decided to form a new organization- World Education- to fill the need for affordable, quality online career training programs and professional enrichment courses.

World Education is a leading provider of non-credit online training and career advancement opportunities through higher education institutions. Our college partners and the students we collectively serve appreciate the depth and value of World Education’s content and services. This includes but is not limited to: Career Coaching, Expert Instruction, Professional Mentoring, Externships, and Job Support Resources.

World Education proudly offers more than 500 Career Training Programs, 1000 Professional Enrichment Courses, and over 100 Alternative Language offerings. Over 150 of the Career Training Programs result in professional certification and every student receives a certificate of completion from a regionally accredited college or university. This catalog provides students an array of career empowerment options that are both affordable and accessible.

How did you choose Zoho Expense for your company's expense reporting needs?

We initially chose the Zoho product line for our CRM as it was very cost effective but still robust and customizable. Zoho Expense was a natural progression because it was well integrated with the rest of the Zoho services we were already using.

What feature do you make use of the most in Zoho Expense?

Starting as a small business, we were originally using spreadsheets to manage expense reports. As we have grown, we are very happy to have a more automated system. The feature to import credit card transactions is very convenient and reduces the manual entry of information.

How much has Zoho Expense reduced the workload for employees of World Education?

The workload has been greatly reduced for expense reporting because of the ability to import credit card transactions instead of manually entering them. In addition it has made the approval process much smoother for managers. Having a system that can control and manage the reports, send them for approval, and track that progression from employee to accounting is much easier and more reliable than sending emails and attachments around the organization.

Has the integrated suite of Zoho Books, Expense, CRM been useful to your business?

World Education uses most of the Zoho products because the integrations are so useful. Keeping everything in a single environment has allowed us to use two primary systems for our entire organization. This makes it easier for employees to find and utilize online tools for their everyday tasks and cuts down on the headache and inefficiency of managing multiple logins and websites. For our accounting team, the integration between Zoho CRM, Zoho Books and Zoho Expense helps keep track of the entire sales and expense cycle in a single system and removes the redundancy of entering key information multiple times manually. Everything can be associated and allocated without getting lost in separate systems.

Any lessons for budding entrepreneurs that you would like to share?

Technology can be a very powerful tool or the biggest headache imaginable. A lesson we have learned is that if a tool is not meeting your needs do not be afraid to go out and find one that will. Switching may be a daunting prospect but in the end its worth it to make sure your tools are working for you and not against you.

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