Export Data To DATEV

As a tax advisor, accountant or a business owner who is based in Germany, you might use the DATEV software service for your accounting and tax filing.

If you’re importing the accounting data to your DATEV software, the data are required to be in a particular format that is compatible with DATEV.

Using the export data to DATEV option in Zoho Books, you can easily convert the accounting data such as the invoices, bills, chart of accounts, customers, vendors, payments, recurring invoices, credit notes, debit notes, expenses and recurring bills from Zoho Books to the DATEV format, which can then be downloaded to your device.

Note: This feature is available for users in Germany with a Premium or higher plan. If you’re a user in Austria with a Premium or higher plan, please contact support@zohobooks.com to enable this feature for your organization.

Configuring Export Preferences for DATEV

You can export your accounting data to DATEV, by configuring preferences for individual exports or setting common preferences for all of your exports.

To configure common preferences for all your exports:

Export Data To DATEV
Field Description
Customer or Vendor Account Number Select the custom field used in Zoho Books to track the contact’s account number that is used in DATEV.
Account Length The account length can be between 4 to 8 characters. It is the length of the identity number of an account, a transaction, a customer, or a vendor.
Data Locking Select this option that is required when you import this to DATEV.
Export Data To DATEV

These preferences will be applicable every time you export your accounting data to DATEV from Zoho Books.

Exporting Data to DATEV

Once you configure your export preferences, you can export your invoices, bills, chart of accounts, customers, vendors, payments, recurring invoices and recurring bills from Zoho Books in the DATEV format.

Note: You can export your data only five times a day.

Export Data To DATEV

Note: The maximum date range can only be six months.

Warning: If you select the Include the attachments and PDF of transactions option, you’ll only be able to export your accounting data and their attachments for a month and not for six months.

Export Data To DATEV

Pro Tip:You can click Configure Export Preferences to set the preferences for this particular export. Kindly note that the configured preferences will only be applicable to the current export.

You can view the status of your export once you click Continue. You will be able to download the accounting data and their attachments in the DATEV format to your device once the export is completed by clicking the Download icon.

Note: You’ll be able to download your attachments in a single zip folder or multiple zip folders, depending on the number of attachments.

Export Data To DATEV

The link to download your export file will also be sent to the email address you’ve specified in your Zoho Books account. You can also choose to download the accounting data in the DATEV format from the email sent from Zoho Books.

Once you’ve exported your accounting data from Zoho Books to your desktop, you are now ready to import them in to DATEV.

Format for Exporting Data and Tax Calculation

Your accounting data in Zoho Books is exported to DATEV in the Direct Booking format. In the Direct Booking format, a separate row is created for every partial amount of a transaction. As for the tax part, Zoho Books has adopted the suspended VAT calculation method, in which, the VAT is exported as a separate row in the CSV file. This method has been adopted to avoid any computational discrepancies in the tax amount.

Warning: While downloading your accounting data to your system, Zoho Books will automatically change all the transaction values up to only two decimal places after the decimal point since DATEV only supports transaction values up to two decimal places. As a result, if your transaction values have changed, you would have to manually edit the them to avoid any drastic changes.

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