Release Notes for Zoho Reports

Build Number: 4000 (Release on: November 15, 2018)

Features Introduced
  • Zoho Reports has been renamed Zoho Analytics.
  • Introducing advanced analytics for Teamwork Desk, Hubspot CRM, and Stripe.
  • Revamped home page to allow easy access to dashboards and workspaces.
  • Introducing report commenting. Insert comments in specific sections of a report and reach consensus with your team regarding key metrics without ever leaving your Zoho Analytics console. Learn more.
  • Enhanced notification window with options to notify share, comment, and view alert notifications.
  • Zoho Analytics now supports importing data from cloud sources such box, dropbox, google drive, and one drive.
  • Introducing six new preset themes for dashboards with options to customize dashboard colors, card style, and report palettes. Learn more.
  • Introducing advanced summarizing functions in pivot tables such as,
    1. % of Row in Group - Displays the percentage of the total value of each row within a group.
    2. % of Column in Group - Displays the percentage of the total value of each column within a group.
    3. Lookup Value - Fetches value from any of Previous/Next/First/Last cell, based on the Base Field selected.
  • While sharing tables, you can exclude columns with sensitive information to ensure data security.
  • You can now customize reports by revising the default lookup relationship between the tables used in creating that report. Learn more.
  • Revamped user interface for sharing views and creating formulas.
  • The new update allows users to enable or disable interactions on dashboards. These interactions include:
    1. Drill down
    2. View underlying data
    3. Sort menu for tabular views
    4. Contextual options menu on hover for all views.
  • New widget color options lets you set the background color for each widget in your dashboard.
  • With the new update, you can set up email alerts and get notified when your data points breach a threshold. Eg: Email notification when total sales crosses $100,000. Learn more.

Build Number: 3900 (Release on: September 18, 2018)

Change in terminology
  • Henceforth, "Reporting Database" will be referred to as Workspace and a "Database Owner or DB Owner" as a Workspace Admin.
Features Introduced
  • Duplicate user filters (from different data tables) can be merged together, and will work across all the applicable reports in a dashboard.

Build Number: 3800 (Release on: August 17, 2018)

Features Introduced
  • Zoho Reports rolls out its next phase of updates in compliance with GDPR. Columns marked as 'personal data' will be excluded during export operations. Users can opt to include these columns manually using the column picker. 
  • With this update, the user filter panel in dashboard will be anchored to the explorer bar to allow users to apply filters from any section of the dashboard.   
  • Introducing geo location picker for map charts to resolve unidentified locations on the map.
  • Enhancements in Teamwork project analytics will allow users to import project data from different companies into a single database without the need to create separate databases for each company. 
  • Enhanced data prep options for tables - Introducing split column option to effortlessly split text-based columns using separators such as comma, space, ampersand, etc.,
  • Introducing support for importing data from MS Access Database. Users can now import their data into Zoho Reports from local drives, FTP servers, cloud drives, and web links of MS Access Database. 
  • Introducing support for passing dynamic parameter values such as current date, time, current date and time, while importing data from Web URLs.  
  • Zoho Reports now supports importing tables that have columns with different date formats.
  • Introducing support to import data from web links using OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.

Build Number: 3700 (Release on: June 11, 2018)

Features Introduced
  • Zoho Reports rolls out its first phase of updates in compliance with GDPR.
    1. Password protect export and email attachments.
    2. Password protect published views.
  • Introducing new variants in map charts: Map - Bubble, Map - Pie, and Map - Bubble Pie.
  • Quick formatting options in KPI widgets and enhanced customization in charts.