Immersive Dashboards App for Zoho Analytics

The Zoho Analytics - Dashboards application is an immersive native mobile app to access and explore the business dashboards in Zoho Analytics. This app is available for Apple and Android phones, and tablets.

Benefits of the Zoho Analytics Dashboards app

  • Immersive native application: An immersive purpose-built app to access, explore, and get insights on the go from your dashboards. Enjoy analytics like never before with intuitive gestures.

  • Access advanced analytics - anywhere, anytime: Easily access your Zoho Analytics dashboards whenever required. Stay up-to-date with changing data trends and enjoy insightful analytics on your mobile devices. 

  • Powerful visualizations with a myriad of options: The Zoho Analytics dashboards app supports a wide range of interactive options through creative gestures that allows you to interact with your data and gain deeper insights. You can drill down, filter, change visuals and much more, with just a few taps.

  • Filter data: Dynamically filter your data to include or exclude specific values from your visualizations. 

  • Ease of organization: Workspaces and dashboards are organized within an intuitive explorer for ease of access. Various contextual options allow you to sort, bookmark and search your dashboards and workspaces, and mark them as default to enhance user navigation. 

  • Optimized for both Android and iOS devices: Built to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, with an optimized layout that adapts to every smartphone and tablet. 


  • Your mobile device should be connected to a network where the Zoho Analytics On-Premise is accessible in order to access reports and dashboards. When offline, you can only see the list of dashboards and workspaces, but will not be able to access them. 

  • The Zoho Analytics dashboards app is supported for devices with iOS 12.0 and above, and android versions 7.0 and above.

  • The mobile app allows you to access and interact with your Zoho Analytics On-Premise dashboards. However, you will not be able to create new dashboards or workspaces using the app. 

To learn more about getting started with the Zoho Analytics - Dashboards app, refer this documentation