Manage Settings

Manage Settings

The Manage Settings page allows the Administrator to control all product settings. To access this page, click the Settings icon displayed on the top-right corner of your Zoho Analytics page.

Mail Configuration

The Mail Configuration tab provides options to set the e-mail server for sending system generated e-mails such as e-mailing of reports. 

Specify the following details in the Mail Configuration tab.

  • Specify the SMTP Server name and the Port number in respective fields.
  • Specify the e-mail Address. This will be used as the Sender address for all system generated e-mails.
  • If your SMTP server requires authentication details, then select the Requires authentication option.
  • Specify the Username and Password.
  • Select the TLS enabled option, for TLS support in the mail server configuration.
  • Select the SLS enabled option, for enabling Secure Connection(SSL).
  • To test if the configured settings are functioning properly, Click on the Test Primary Server Settings button.

Proxy Configuration

In case you are connecting Zoho Analytics to the internet through a proxy server, then specify the proxy details in the Proxy Configuration tab.

Specify the following details in the Proxy Configuration tab.

  • Specify how to detect proxy.
    • Automatically detect settings -  The proxy will be detected automatically.
    • Use a proxy server - The proxy detail has to be specified manually. 
    • Disable Proxy - Proxy will be disabled.
  • In case you have selected Use a proxy server, then specify the following options.

    • Specify the Host and Port of the proxy server.
    • If your Proxy server requires authentication details, then select the Requires authentication option.
    • Specify the Username and Password to access the internet.
  • You can choose to exclude few address from proxy by listing it in the Do not use the proxy for the following address. List the address in this field separated by a comma. 

Click on the "Save" button.


You as the Administrator of the Zoho Analytics can customize the logo on the Home page with your logo. Zoho Analytics also allows you to customize the 'Powered by Logo' that appears in the footer of the report/dashboard when you embed or export the report.

Logo Rebranding is supported only Professional Edition of Zoho Analytics.

Specify the following details in the Rebranding tab to customize it.

  • Drop the logo in Logo image field. The image width has to be 185X30px. It should be of one of the following image types.
    • .jpeg
    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .bmp
  • Enter the Product Name and Login Description
  • Select the Display Powered by Logo to add your logo in the footer of the report/dashboard when you embed or export them.

Save the changes. It will be reflected after restarting the service

User Management

The administrator can add, delete, activate or deactivate users, from the User Management page. The SAML configuration tab can be used to configure single sign-on with third party applications. The Active Directory Import and the Active Directory SSO tabs enable you to import your Active Directory users and configure single sign-on for Active Directory users. To learn more about User Management in Analytics Plus, click here

License Management

The License Management tab allows you to purchase a new license or upgrade. This page also lets you know the features applicable for your account. 

Adding License Key

You can activate your license key by dropping the license file in the Upload license file field and then click Apply License.

Account Details

The Licence Detail section displays details of your license type, version, expiry date etc., 

The Component section displays the allowed user and current usage of users. It also displays the add-on available for your account. 

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab provides the following settings.

  • Usage Statistics - To enhance the product quality, we do collect statistical data pertaining to quality, stability, and usability of the product from every installation. The collected data will be used as a whole for analysis. We do ensure you that this will be shared with others. If you don't want your data to be collected, you can turn-off anytime.

  • Sending mails from user email address - With this option, you can choose to set whether the sender e-mail ID for emailing of reports has to the one specified in the Mail Configuration tab or the respective user's e-mail ID.

  • Live Chat Support - Zoho Analytics supports live chat support. You can enable or disable this as needed using this button. 

  • Display notifications regarding new features, announcements, and events - You can choose to get notification of few feature release, announcements or other events of Zoho Analytics. 

  • Alias URL to access application -With this option, you can set up an alias URL through which you can access Zoho Analytics application. The URL needs to be updated in your DNS server and the application needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect. Once the alias URL is set up, all email notifications generated will display the newly set up alias URL as the hostname of Zoho Analytics.

Manage Sharing

The Manage Sharing options are accessible by clicking the Settings icon that is present on the top right corner of Zoho Analytics. The visibility and accessibility options of all your workspaces to your users can be controlled from this section.

  • Manage your user permissions in the Manage Sharing section which displays all the Users to which views are shared.

  • The Access column shows if the user has access to the respective workspace.

  • The Workspaces column shows all the workspaces that are accessible to that respective user.

  • To disable sharing for a particular user, click on the Remove Sharing option that appears on clicking the workspaces shared with a user.

  • Clicking on the By Workspaces tab at the top of the Manage Sharing window will display all the workspaces that are present along with the date they had been created and the users who have access to the respective workspace.

  • To export the users list as a csv file based on users to whom the workspaces are shared, go to the By Users view, and click on the Export icon present on the top right corner of the Manage Sharing window.

Add-On Settings

The Add-On Settings page lets you enable additional functionality in the form of add-ons. New updates to the add-ons will also be available on this page. You can install the Ask Zia add-on by clicking the Install Zia button. Ask Zia is the intelligent analytics assistant that allows users to put forth questions in plain english and generates relevant visualizations. To learn more about Ask Zia, click here

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