If the approver is out of office, can someone else be appointed to approve the reports?

Yes, the approvers can appoint an out-of-office approver for themselves, when they are unavailable. All the transactions that have to be approved by the approver will be auto-forwarded to their out-of-office approver’s Approvals tab, through which they can approve the transactions. You can also configure the duration, after which the transactions will not be auto-forwarded to the out-of-office approver.

To add an out of office approver:

  • Click the Profile image in the top-right corner.
  • Click Out of Office Approver.
  • Select the approver you want to add as your out-of-office approver in the User Name dropdown.
  • Select the Start Date and the End Date, after which the userโ€™s access will expire.
  • Click Save. Now the transactions that are submitted to you during the configured duration will be auto-forwarded to the out of office approver.