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If you travel internationally for your business, you might incur expenses where you have to pay VAT ranging from 8% to 27%. Reclaim this VAT by integrating Zoho Expense and Taxback International.


About Taxback International

Taxback International is the world’s leading technology and service company which specialises in Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance and VAT reclaim. Their technology enables real-time processing of over 10 billion transaction across 180 countries in multiple languages. Taxback International is an entrepreneurial company, transforming how VAT compliance and recovery is managed on a global basis. Their people are incredibly ambitious, yet personable. They constantly challenge each other to be and achieve the best.

Get a Taxback International Account

Before you begin, things to have

  • A Zoho Expense account
  • A Taxback International account

Benefits of this integration

  • Expense details are pushed to Taxback International automatically
  • The pushed data is read, parsed, and converted to a VAT reclaimable format, and sent electronically to the relevant tax offices. No worries about compliance.
  • Track the status of your claim all the way from data collection to refund
  • Choose when the data needs to be shared
  • Integrate with a couple of clicks

Setting it up is easy

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