Is real-time feeds supported for all cards? Can I fetch all types of transactions in real-time?

You can fetch real-time feeds for various types of transactions from Visa. However, the following cards and transaction types are not supported:

Note The transactions that were made before connecting and verifying the cards cannot be fetched.

Unsupported Cards

  1. Amex cards
  2. Closed loop cards (store cards, gift cards, etc.)
  3. EBT cards
  4. Prepaid cards
  5. MasterCard
  6. Physical Apple card (via Apple Pay)
  7. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or insurance prepaid cards
  8. Visa Buxx

Unsupported Transaction Types

  1. Transactions not processed through the Visa payment system or MasterCard payment system.
  2. Purchases on debit cards that are authorized by PIN instead of a signature.
  3. Purchases that are initiated through an identification technology that substitutes a PIN.
  4. Payments made through other payment methods such as a third-party payment app, where Visa and MasterCard card is chosen as a funding source without presenting the card directly to the merchant.
  5. Additionally, debit card transactions are not supported in the Canada edition.

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