How do I split my total per diem amount for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  1. Login to your Zoho Expense organization.

  2. Switch to the Admin View.

  3. Navigate to Settings.

  4. Under Users and Control, select Policies.

  5. Select the policy and go to the PER DIEM tab.

  6. Click the More icon at the end of the per rate that you want to edit and select Edit.

  7. On the pop-up that opens, check the option Split the per diem based on expense type.

  8. Select the expense types as Breakfast.

  9. Enter the rate for the expense type. Make sure that the sum of the expense type components is equal to the total per diem rate.

  10. To split your per diem amount for lunch and dinner, click + Add More and follow the same steps mentioned above.

  11. Click Save.

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