How do I set expense limit for each expense?

You can configure your spending limits using Expense Types. The per diem rates will be split based on the expense types.

To enable expense types for your organization,

  • Navigate to the Admin View.

  • Go to Settings

  • Navigate to Modules under Customization. .

  • Select Categories from the left sidebar.

  • Then click the Expense Types at the top, and enable the toggle button.

Once done, you can set up per diem rates based on expense types.

To do this:

  • Switch to the Admin View and go to Settings.

  • Navigate to Policies under Users and Control.

  • Select the policy and go to the PER DIEM tab.

  • Click the button + Add Rate for a Location.

  • Select the Country from the dropdown, enter the City, Date, and Rate.

  • Then, mark the checkbox Split the per diem based on expense types, and enter the rates for each expense type.

  • Finally, click Save.

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