Can I configure per diem rates to be effective after a specific date?

You can add per diem rates with an effective date such that the expenses recorded after the effective date will have the new rates. To do this:

  1. Click Admin View.

  2. Click the icon in the top right corner or go to Settings on the left sidebar.

  3. Go to Policies under Users and Control.

  4. Click the policy for which you want to define the default per diem rate.

  5. Switch to the PER DIEM tab.

  6. Select the Default Category to record the per diem expenses.

  7. Click + Add Rate for a Location.

  8. Select the Country and enter the Rate.

  9. Select an effective date in the Date field.

  10. Click Save. The per diem rate will be applied to the expenses from the selected date.

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