What happens when I enable auto-match/create for corporate card transactions?

When you enable auto-match for a corporate card, the card transactions will be automatically matched with your existing expenses. These transactions will be matched with a corresponding expense based on the date (before or after three days from the specified date) and the exact amount.

If you do not have any existing expenses that correspond to any transactions, an expense will be automatically created based on the transaction details.

To enable auto-match or create option for your corporate card:

  1. Switch to Admin View.
  2. Click the icon in the top right corner or go to Settings on the left sidebar.
  3. Go to Modules under Customization.
  4. Click Expenses and under the Preferences tab mark the Auto-match/create expenses for corporate card transactions option.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Auto-match/create option is not available for personal cards.

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