Can I assign other users to approve reports on my behalf, temporarily?

You can assign another approver to approve records on your behalf. These approvers are known as out of office approvers in Zoho Expense. When you assign an out of office approver, all the records that are submitted to you will be auto-forwarded to their Approvals module through which they can approve the records.

Note: Only approvers and admins can be appointed as out of office approvers. You can add only one out of office approver for yourself.

To add an out-of-office approver:

  1. Go to My Settings on the left sidebar.
  2. Under the Basic Information tab, scroll down to the Out Of Office Approver section and click + Add Out of Office Approver.
  3. Select the user you want to appoint as your out of office approver.
  4. Select a Start Date and an End Date, after which the access given to your out of office approver will expire.
  5. Click Save. All the records that will be submitted to you during the configured duration, will be automatically forwarded to the Approvals module of your out of office approver.
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